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Personal Injury Attorneys

When you hire Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, you are hiring a powerful team of attorneys. Our firm offers free consultation regarding personal injury in Las Vegas matters and puts you in touch directly with an attorney who personally conducts your interview, answers all your questions, and handles the details regarding your case from start to finish. We are proud to offer this direct access to our team of experienced attorneys and we strive to build beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients.

Before each step in the legal process, our team meets to ensure we understand the scientific and medical issues related to your case so we can bring a greater level of knowledge to the table. We consider it our duty and privilege to help protect the rights of injured Las Vegans.

“The one word that embodies our firm is strength. Strength in numbers, experience, and in knowledge. We meet daily, if not hourly, on particular cases, particular issues. We really do work as a team . . . and that is a strength.”  Brett A. Carter

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