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Jury Awards over $70 Million in Product Liability Damages for Cancer-Linked Talcum Powder

A jury in Missouri recently awarded more than $70 million in damages to a woman who claimed that years of using talc products led to her developing ovarian cancer. The defendant is a multinational health care and pharmaceutical company known worldwide for its wide range of baby products such as baby powder and other… Read More »

Can a Worker Recover Damages for a Slip-and-Fall Accident at Client’s Site

Workers generally have the option to recover workers compensation for injuries sustained at the employer’s workplace. But many injuries such as those arising from a slip and fall accident occur at locations that are not controlled by the employer. In which case, a worker who is injured while working at another person’s premises should… Read More »

The Power of Perseverance

By Lindsay K. Cullen, Esq. Recently Brett Carter and I finished a two week medical malpractice trial. After a long and hard fought battle, the jury made the right decision and justice was done for our client. When I went home that evening, mentally and emotionally exhausted, I started to think about what we… Read More »

Tough and Ethical

Recently, I had a lengthy conversation with an individual who had been referred to the firm for a personal injury consultation. During the course of our lengthy meeting, I learned that the individual had been referred to two different plaintiff personal injury firms by a local insurance defense attorney (an attorney hired by an… Read More »

Who Is Liable for Personal Injury by Drunk Ridesharing Company Driver?

Uber and other ride sharing companies are generally regarded as safer options than driving home after a night of drinking. Leading ride sharing company Uber has gone further by partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in an effort to reduce alcohol related accidents in Nevada. DUI Ridesharing Drivers While Uber has announced that… Read More »

Increase in Nevada Motorcycle Accidents in 2016

2016 appears to be a deadly year for many motorcyclists. Preliminary data gathered by the Office of Traffic Safety in Nevada shows a rise in fatal motorcycle accidents this year. From January 1 through November 14, 2016, a total of 61 motorcyclists have been killed on Nevada roads. Forty-five of the total motorcycle crashes… Read More »

With Uber Testing Driverless Cars, Who Will Be Responsible for Ride-Sharing Accident?

Technology is clearly outpacing regulations of ride-sharing companies such as Uber which in recent months has reportedly been testing autonomous driving technology in Pittsburgh and Las Vegas. Driverless cars with the Uber logo have been occasionally been spotted in Las Vegas, causing a stir among Uber drivers and the millennial passengers who have spurred… Read More »

Drunk Driver Causes Deadly Bicycle Accident in Las Vegas

Bicycle accidents continue to be a leading cause of road deaths and injuries in Nevada. In 2010, a total of 583 bicycle accidents killed 6 and injured 527 persons. Many of the accidents involved collisions with motor vehicles at intersections. In Las Vegas, where bicycle riding is supported as a means of transportation and… Read More »

Family of Sandra Bland Reaches $1.9 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of Sandra Bland, a woman who was found dead in a Waller County, Texas jail cell back in July of 2015, announced last month that they had reached a settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit filed last year. Bland, who was 28 years old at the time of her death, was apprehended… Read More »

Hit-and-Run Crash Kills Lyft Driver and Passenger

Earlier this year, a hit-and-run accident claimed the lives of a Lyft driver and his passenger, after their car collided with a Nissan Altima that ran a stop sign at a busy intersection in California. According to local authorities, Anthony Pena, who had been employed by the ridesharing service for several months in an… Read More »

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