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Partner Bio – Steven M. Baker

Steven M. Baker, Associate:

I’ve just always hated bullies, and I hated people who are being bullied. I’ve always had something that makes me want to stand up for somebody who can’t stand up for themselves, and give them a forum, give them an arena, to have a fair fight, and hopefully, if I’m doing my job well, I’m more than a fair fight.

I practice for mostly catastrophically injured people, people with a large constellation of orthopedic injuries, or maybe cognitive injuries, inability to work, inability to support their family. And I’ve had the real unfortunate experience of seeing strong people, working people, people who want to get out there and contribute to their community, have that taken away from them by somebody’s negligence, and someone who doesn’t then stand up to the plate and say, “Let me help you.” In those instances, I come up to the plate, and I help.

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