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Job Injuries

Javier A. Arguello, Associate:

If you have an injury on the job, what you should do is immediately notify your supervisor. If you’re injured, you should go see a doctor, immediately, because if you don’t do these things, if you, for example, get hurt on a Friday and don’t think it’s a big deal, think it’ll get better, and then on Monday you report it, what’ll happen nine times out of ten is your claim will get denied. And the purpose behind workman’s compensation is to help you get better so you can go back to work. You know, when you delay reporting it or seeking treatment, your claim will get denied and then you have to go through the process of litigation and the problem with that is that it takes a while. It’ll take anywhere from six to nine months, and during that time you’re not getting medical treatment, and a lot of times your employer’s going to let you go because you can’t do your job. So the whole idea behind it is to take care of you, get you back to work, but again, you have to follow certain guidelines to get that done, and even if you do, unfortunately, nowadays, a lot of times you have insurers still denying claims.

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