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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers serving Las Vegas

If you or someone you know needs immediate counseling and representation from a highly qualified lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, the law firm of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter is ready to help. Throughout the course of our service, we’ve helped individuals and families recover more than $100 million in settlements and courtroom verdicts. Let us offer you the advantage of our combined skill and experience to help you get the compensation you deserve and move forward with your life.

Understanding the Law and Personal Injuries

With several years of practicing law in the Las Vegas area, the attorneys at Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter have been working hard to provide the highest level of legal representation. We offer our extensive knowledge on the following sections of the law:

Personal Injury

When we talk about personal injury, what we mean is that you’ve suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence. If that’s the case, then you have the right to seek monetary compensation and file a lawsuit against the responsible party, be it a person or a business.

According to Nevada state laws, every victim of a personal injury has a limit of 2 years to file a lawsuit and claim compensation from the accused. Of course, no one deserves to wait that long in order to get satisfaction from the legal system. That’s why the firm of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter is ready to take your case and give you the counsel and support you need today.

Premise Liability

In the legal profession, there’s a term that we frequently use when we talk about the responsibilities of others: “Duty of care.” This standard requires that a property owner—such as a homeowner or business owner—may be responsible for the general health and safety of everyone who legally comes onto the premises. However, that doesn’t mean people still aren’t subjected to injury-causing negligence.

Every landlord, homeowner, business manager, and proprietor is responsible for making sure that their premises are kept safe and clean. They’re responsible under the law for warning their customers, tenants, or visitors about any dangerous spaces or open hazards. They’re also responsible for listening and acting on every complaint by a customer or guest concerning the safety of their property. If they fail in this duty, they may be responsible for any resulting damage and/or injury. Get the help you deserve by talking to one of our attorneys about a premise liability lawsuit.

Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 616A.030 of the Nevada Revised Statutes defines an accident in the workplace as “an unexpected or unforeseen event happening suddenly and violently, with or without human fault, and producing at the time objective symptoms of an injury.” What this means is that, if you’ve been injured while on the job, it isn’t necessarily your fault. Consider the place where you work and how safe or clean it’s being kept. Ask yourself if your supervisors or coworkers are really doing their part to comply with state and federal regulations.

As the leading attorneys in Las Vegas, Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter are dedicated to both your present well-being and your future compensation. You deserve access to immediate medical attention, medical and insurance benefits for you and your family, and a chance at vocational rehabilitation. We’ll work to help you get an examination, care, and work to prevent you from losing any benefits in a case against your employer’s legal team.

Practicing Law for the People of Nevada

For years, we’ve provided our legal services to the many people within the Las Vegas area and beyond. We offer legal representation to anyone living in the following communities:

Our Experience Can Work for You

Under the banner of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter, our firm is home to several lawyers, each of whom comes from a different background and brings their own skills and experience to the table. When we sit down to handle a new client’s case, we combine all our years of hard work and legal training to make sure that we completely understand every aspect of the case, be it medical, scientific or financial. We consider it both our duty and our privilege to stand up for the rights of the injured across the greater Las Vegas area.

Our Commitment to Every Client

At Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter, we offer not only our collective experience but also our compassion and understanding. That’s why we offer every initial consultation for free and make it our priority to consistently give every client our personal attention throughout each case. We’re concerned about making the legal process more convenient for every client, including making home and hospital visits to those too injured to visit our office.

Get the Legal Aid You Need Today

If you need representation or compensation from a skilled lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, don’t hesitate any longer: The law firm of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter is here to help! We stand by our clients, both new and old, and will take every step necessary in representing you in court.

If you’re unable to leave home or the hospital, we’ll come directly to you. Our personal injury lawyers are always available for a consultation, either online or by phone at 702-228-2600. Get in touch today to get the best compensation that you deserve!

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